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The Last Stand 3: Union City Hacked

screenshot of The Last Stand 3: Union City game

Don't even think that after the action of The Last Stand 2 everything would simply be ok. Even if you're at the top of your Zombie Preparedness game, those creatures are still intent on ruining your day,  which is also likely to be the length of the rest of your life in the dangerous world of The Last Stand 3: Union City. Taking a different approach to the usual fixed-point zombie defense norm of the series, Union City has you embarking upon a side-scrolling adventure with multiple weapons, endless battles, and an adventure style that has RPG elements woven right into its fabric. It's different, it's ambitious, and it kind of works.

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Infectonator 2

screenshot of infectonator 2 game

Are you prepared for the end of the world? More importantly, are you prepared for you to be the cause of it? Infectonator 2 is a delightful sequel about a not-so-delightful doomsday scenario where you must use the mouse to direct the spread a virus and use a variety of zombies and weapons to create a chain reaction that leads to mass infection. 

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Pandemic 2

screenshot of pandemic 2 game

Biological warfare is so 1990s, but it’s making a comeback in Pandemic 2. Choose between a virus, parasite, or bacteria to use as a cellular soldiers with which you must bring about the end of the world in this doomsday simulator that puts you in control of bringing the world to its knees while you watch from above, allowing you to laugh in a stereotypically evil manner while you do so. 

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Earn to Die 2012

screenshot of earn to die 2012 game

The original Earn to Die’s popularity was such that it garnered thousands of fans across the world and spawned an iOS version that graced our mobile devices: Earn to Die 2012 gives us a taste of the upgrading and upending action for our browsers. 

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Earn to Die

screenshot of earn to die game

Drive your way to apocalypse survival with a selection of a cars, a huge range of upgrades, and variety of terrains to navigate in what has to be one of the greatest distance-based zombie survival games ever to grace the net. 

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The Last Stand 1

screenshot of the last stand 1 game

It isn’t very often I’m caught in a zombie apocalypse, but when I am, I make sure to allocate the time I have after each attack to search for weapons and survivors. This is the realistic premise of The Last Stand, a zombie-themed survival game where the process of shoot, kill, forage, repeat is the staple diet your hunger for violence will be satiated with, and it just happens to be one of the most entertaining and hugely addictive flash-based zombie games out there.

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The Last Stand 2

screenshot of the last stand 2 game

Zombie games are often well designed but very rarely do they create the sense of panic and an atmosphere of tension like The Last Stand 2. Trapped behind a barricade and then forced to live a life hopping from safe house to safe house, you must fend off zombie attacks by night and gather sufficient resources to move you and your group between buildings. Will you make it to union city before time and supplies run out? 

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The Last Stand 3

screenshot of the last stand 3 game

Here we go for another adventure on the zombie attack game express, and this time we’re in the first class carriage. The Last Stand 3: Union City switches up the once-familiar format for a side-scrolling shooter with RPG qualities and the desperate survival that we’ve always enjoyed prolonging  in this brilliant series of zombie survival games.

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SAS Zombie Assault 3

screenshot of SAS Zombie Assault 3 game

Occasionally, flash-based shooter games can feel like the developer is just messing about with a few guns and level ideas, but in SAS Zombie Assault 3, it’s nothing but serious and challenging entertainment all the way. Defend yourself against hordes of zombies that are intent on penetrating the defences of the building you’re trapped in, with only a few barricades between you and your organs becoming a menu item for the undead. Oh, and you have guns. So many guns. 

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SAS Zombie Assault 4

Those that are reading this have almost certainly played and experienced the horrendously addictive SAS Zombie Assault 3, or have at least delved into one of the previous titles. As a zombie survival game, SAS Zombie Assault 3 requires you to simply stay alive, though this is easier said than done when standing in a house that is slowly becoming surrounded by zombies and your only initial weapon is a glock handgun. Many levels and upgrades later, you’re blasting the buggery out of any zombie that comes your way and barely letting them make a scratch in your window barriers. Though SAS Zombie Assault 4 may be a long way off, or even be a dream that remains of the pipe variety, some improvements can be made to the previous game and some ideas implemented to the sequel that would make it an altogether more impressive title; here are just a few of these ideas to be viewed or ignored at your leisure. 

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Pandemic 3

One of the biggest turn-offs when playing a game that involves strategy is luck. Though it is inevitable in a strategy game that involves a mixture of artificial intelligence and unpredictable human input that there will be an element of luck involved in the gameplay, it can be a little deflating when you have employed a seemingly flawless strategy to have to rely too much on luck in order to make progress. This is reflected most notably in the infuriating Madagascar issue in the game where it can be almost impossible to infect it unless you somehow have a magical stroke of luck that means you just so happened to make your disease spread there before its ports shut down. Luck needs to be less of a dominating factor in the game and the emphasis should be on carefully thought out strategy instead. 

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