Pandemic 2 Game

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Pandemic 2 – Have a disease-ridden hand in the end of the world as we know it

Let’s Get Diseasing

Oh doomsday scenarios, where would the modern gaming and film industry be without you? From Shaun of the Dead to The Walking Dead through to the incomparable Left 4 Dead and the sublime Road of the Dead, these games share a greatness that goes beyond simply the word ‘dead’ being the central focus of their titles. People simply love the end of the world so long as it is the simulated and not the more annoying “actual” kind that puts a spanner in the works of the continued existence of the human race, and said ‘end of the world’ scenarios don’t get more hands-on than in Pandemic 2. A global-scale pandemic simulator from Dark Realm Studios, Pandemic 2 isn’t your average game where the world must be saved, but rather a title that requires you to destroy it, one infectious microbe at a time. It’s rare that you find a game with such a large-scale focus that also quite literally puts you in control of the microscopic details, so let’s get diseasin’ and throw away that hazmat suit: you won’t be needing it here.

Infection Interface

In case you’re new to the whole biological warfare scene, it’s pretty simple really: you simply have to use the world map interface in order to navigate your view of the world as it goes about its business with aeroplanes flying and populations expanding/diminishing as they do so naturally as time passes by. You can’t allow the world to continue in this way however, and you must upset the status quo by choosing between using a virus, bacteria, or parasite to nurture from a mere local outbreak to a pandemic on a global scale. Earning evolution points allows you to give your disease certain boosts in aspects such as resistance to drugs; earning these points allows you to facilitate your diseases’ passage through the population and increase its deadliness in general.

 Both the fun and the challenge of the game come from the fact that each type of infection has its own strengths and weaknesses based on their properties, and also environmental factors within the game. Viruses are capable of spreading extremely quickly, for example, but are dependent heavily on environmental variables; parasites are extremely resistant to environmental factors but much slower than their virus counterparts; bacteria are the more well-rounded class of disease and are more resistant to medicine. Choosing your disease and also taking into consideration the infectivity, visibility, and lethality of it are factors that make the game incredibly addictive. High visibility means swift containment measures, so you must attempt to keep it as low as possible, with lethality being a factor that should be kept high. There is also overlap with these factors such as sneezing and coughing increasing the contagiousness of the disease but also increasing its visibility.

A Morbid Change

Pandemic 2 is most definitely a refreshing change from the usual zombie-themed doomsday scenarios often portrayed in games such as The Last Stand or SAS Zombie Assault 3 . The game offers up a simple yet stylish interface, and is based on an extremely addictive premise that gives you full control over the way in which you wish to eradicate every last human on earth. You cannot underestimate just how challenging it can be trying to balance a diseases’ visibility with factors that also control its infectivity, and you will soon find that each countries’ population can be vigilant in the face of visible infection, setting up containment zones and grounding flights in order to immediately stop the spread of you virus. Because of this, speed is one of the most important factors in spreading disease effectively, but earning evolution points also helps to make things more interesting in the long run and gives you something to strive for, you know, aside from the eradication of ever human on the planet. It’s a morbid change from the doomsday norm, but what do you expect from a game whose developer is named Dark Realm Studios?