Pandemic 3 Game

A little sequel discussion with mentions of possible features for the game’s future

Pandemic 3 Game

What’s Luck Got To Do With It? (Everything)

One of the biggest turn-offs when playing a game that involves strategy is luck. Though it is inevitable in a strategy game that involves a mixture of artificial intelligence and unpredictable human input that there will be an element of luck involved in the gameplay, it can be a little deflating when you have employed a seemingly flawless strategy to have to rely too much on luck in order to make progress. This is reflected most notably in the infuriating Madagascar issue in the game where it can be almost impossible to infect it unless you somehow have a magical stroke of luck that means you just so happened to make your disease spread there before its ports shut down. Luck needs to be less of a dominating factor in the game and the emphasis should be on carefully thought out strategy instead.

Choke Point

One thing that truly disheartened me when playing the game was the immensely annoying way that the game becomes almost unplayable once a country that isn’t infected closes its borders. Once a country that hasn’t yet been infected shuts itself down, it can be impossible to get your disease to spread there, thus nullifying the whole point of playing the game which in the first place is to infect and eradicate the population of every single country in the world. There shouldn’t be a choke point like this in a game, or at least it shouldn’t be virtually irreversible if it there is. Pandemic  3 needs to sort this issue out; we don’t want another Madagascar annoyance on our hands in the next one.

Why So Paranoid?

Come on, New Zealand: my infection was barely showing symptoms and you basically shut down your entire country for what was effectively virtually symptomless virus. This kind of scenario is extremely common in Pandemic 2, with countries seeming to be a little too cautious about diseases that are barely even showing symptoms. The game’s premise leads me to believe that it is at least attempting to be realistic, but when countries begin taking extreme measures such as shutting ports and closing airports in order to contain a disease that barely causes any symptoms, it begins to make you feel like you’re playing something that is not only a little unrealistic, but also extremely unfair. This unfounded paranoia of the AI in general  and the resulting panic reactions need to be toned down, if not quashed completely in Pandemic 3.

Pandemic 3: The Quickening

I don’t know about you, but there’s nothing that bores me more than a real time strategy game that grinds on and on at a pace that makes a snail seem nippy. Now, Pandemic  2 wasn’t exactly an exercise in boredom that falls anywhere near ‘paint drying’ on the mundanity scale, but the game does grind to a slow meander after a short while, and the fast forward button doesn’t really provide much of a boost in a game that involves very, very little user-based interaction with the game and a large amount of simply waiting for events to unfold and for time to pass. The pace of Pandemic 3 could definitely do with a bit of accelerating, even if this just means a faster fast-forward button.

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