SAS Zombie Assault 3 Game

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SAS Zombie Assault 3 – A zombie horde attack game with a serious collection of weapons upgrades

Another Level

Zombie attack games are becoming so common that the genre is in danger of becoming a little saturated. One series of games that the genre will always need, however, is the SAS Zombie Assault succession of titles. Whereas some zombie games are perfectly competent and reasonably entertaining, SAS Zombie Assault 3 is quite frankly on another level of entertainment entirely. There’s no time for complex storylines or messing about with exploration of towns as in the also-fantastic The Last Stand 2, just some all-out, zombie-killing action that is as tense as it is challenging. This is a game of basic human survival against increasingly difficult waves of zombies: just one man, a zombie apocalypse, and a hell of a lot of guns.

Desperate Times

Zombie attack games really make you wonder about the futility of it all, don’t they? This game has you holed up in a number of different locations with various weak points such as windows and gaps in the perimeter, striving to survive just one more round against waves upon waves of zombies as you use whatever items and firearms you have at your disposal to take down each of your potential causes of death. If you survive, you move on to the next level, but if you fail to be good enough at living to beat the round then you must start it all over again. It sounds pointless, I’ll give you that, but the fun is in the process rather than the outcome.

You use the W, A, S, and D buttons to move your character around the building you are in, utilising the mouse to aim your crosshair and the left mouse button to shoot. The idea is to stop the zombies from entering by shooting them before they eventually smash through your barricade. If they make it through the barricade and into your house, you must scramble to destroy them before they turn you into a tasty snack. It’s all about downing as many zombies as you can whilst they are still outside and dividing your attention between killing and fixing the barricades with the F button.

Desperate Measures

Aside from the flimsy barricades that seem to crumble at the slightest touch of the zombies, your main line of defense is yourself, but more specifically, the arsenal of weapons that you get to brandish as you progress further and further in the game. You gain experience points as you play, and reaching certain levels allows you to unlock different firearms. I won’t attempt to list all of the guns here because this requires an article in itself, but let’s just say that the level of gun selection is over 9000, including a Desert Eagle, Mac-10, an Mp5/7, ZCS Seizure, various assault rifles, a list of machineguns, shotguns, and special weapons such as a grenade launcher and a sniper rifle. It’s safe to say that about 85% or above of the fun is derived from the acquiring and use of these weapons, with the other 15% being the moving about the house and scrambling to take down the enemy before they burst forth into your once-safe domain.

You’ll Struggle to Find Better

It speaks volumes about the SAS Zombie Assault series that it is on its third title as well as the fact that it was developed by NinjaKiwi, but what shouts more loudly is the sheer quality of the game in general, which stems partially from its tense music, impressive sound effects (the gun sounds are as good as you will hear in a flash game), and well-illustrated weapon as well as the increasingly challenging and frantic nature of the gameplay and the epic selection of guns to unlock. You can even go premium if you wish in order to attain some more exclusive weapons, but this is really only required for the hardcore fan; SAS Zombie Assault 3 can be enjoyed thoroughly by the casual gamer as one of the best zombie attack titles that the genre has ever seen, and the multiplayer doesn’t do it any harm either.