The Last Stand 2 Game

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The Last Stand 2 – A tense imagining of a zombie apocalypse scenario in a unique and innovative format

It’s Not Part of a genre: It Is the Genre

As I clicked on a link to The Last Stand 2 to see what all the fuss was about, I wasn’t particularly gripped until I saw the instantly-recognisable ‘Armor Games’ logo’s swords colliding and chinking in the air, and when the Con Artists insignia popped up immediately afterwards, it is safe to say that my attention was almost immediately grabbed. With my curiosity in at cat-killing levels, the only thing I could do was to immerse myself fully in to the game. Several cities, endless supplies, and a whole bunch of fallen comrades later, I made it to Union City and therefore the end of the game, and I was nothing less than aghast with appreciation for what I had just played. A blend of shooting, zombie survival, and resource management, The Last Stand 2 isn’t just another generic title of the zombie shooting genre: it is the genre.

Shoot and Survive

When I say that this game is the genre, I’m talking about the fact that its wonderful mixture of behind-the-barricade shooting, weapons upgrading, survival-ensuring, and resource management/distribution to heighten the chances of your survival is something that is very rare in the world of flash. Though it sounds overly complex on paper, in practice, it results in some very challenging and very, very addictive gameplay. The main facet of the gameplay is the shoot-em-up aspect where you stand behind the pre-made barricade and use the W, A, S, and D keys to move your character and the mouse to aim your crosshair at the zombies that enter sporadically from the left of the screen. The aim is simply to survive until the end of the round, at which point you must use the remaining hours in the day to explore the different areas on the map to have a chance of finding weapons and supplies, with the latter allowing you to move between towns/cities once you have a sufficient amount.

Accumulate and Assimilate

Not only is the discovering of new weapons essential for your survival, it is also a ridiculously fun feature of the game. You will discover firearms such as shotguns, machineguns, RPGs, and also the obligatory compound bow that certain famous AMC-based zombie shows have made fashionable. You can have two weapons on your person at any one time, with the strategy being to equip the best possible combination of guns for dealing with both hoards of enemies and individual attacks from more powerful and harder-to-kill foes.

As well as finagling yourself a collection of firearms, you also encounter non-zombiefied  persons along the way that you can add to your group. Safety in numbers is certainly the way forward in the game, and you can arm up to four people behind the barricade with your choice of weapons, but be careful as they can be taken out quite easily, particularly if a zombie grabs an axe and starts swiping in their direction. Accumulating people is helpful, but attaining supplies in your post-battle searches is probably the most essential goal to achieve since this allows you to travel to the next town or significant location. Insufficient quantities of supplies will restrict you to staying in the same place until such a time comes that you do collect enough to move onwards and upwards towards your final destination, Union City.

The Last Stand Too

The game isn’t remarkably different from its predecessor, but the introduction of an emphasis on resource/supply gathering and the arsenal of weapons are change enough to make the game at least three times better than its ancestor. The dark, dingy style of the game also adds to the tension, while the smooth illustrations and blood-stained, tattered menus serve to further increase its authenticity as a dismal, zombie-stricken world all of its own. You’d be a ridiculous person to not at least find The Last Stand 2 entertaining, if not attractive in an almost entirely nonsexual way. That’s right; almost.