The Last Stand 3 Union City Game

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The Last Stand 3: Union City – How about an RPG zombie survival shooter to brighten up your otherwise violence free day?

Apocalypses are Inconvenient

Don’t you just despise it when you’re going about your daily business, possibly getting some very productive things done, maybe even treating yourself to a Cadbury Double Decker for all the brilliant hard work you’re doing and then BOOM: zombie apocalypse, and your day almost certainly deteriorates very rapidly from there. It’s not a common occurrence in this non-fictitious world, but some overly-cautious doomsday preparation idiots and many works of fiction will argue otherwise. Perhaps the doomsday preppers have been playing The Last Stand 3: Union City with its blend of RPG, shooting, and zombie survival genres and are taking the scenario a little too literally. As far as reasons go for people fearing a zombie apocalypse, The Last Stand 3 is a pretty damn good one ,and if the end of the world did come about at the hands of an incurable and contagious pathogen that turned us all into walking survival instinct machines incapable of higher or rational though, then I would want it to play out like this game because at least then certain death would be a mightily fun experience.

Free Roaming

What’s that you say, Con Artist and Armor Games have gone for an ambitious format change? You heard correctly, as The Last Stand 3 brings the series into side-scrolling shooter territory and even tries its hand at throwing in a few RPG features here and there. At the outset you must choose a character from an extremely rich selection that you are going to assume control over for the rest of the hectic survival action that is the game. The aim is still of course to survive for as long as possible, but instead of being stuck behind a barricade as you are in The Last Stand 2 and the original, you are now roaming the streets freely armed with a variety of weapons and able to explore many buildings and areas along the way. Upgrades are essential, pain is inevitable, and caution is highly advised in an adventure that will hopefully grip you from the very beginning.

Skills, Keys, and RPGs

You must use the W, A, S, and D keys to control your character’s movement, and use the mouse to aim/mouse button 1 to shoot/attack. The shift key allows you to hurry up your pace, and escaping from the clutches of a zombie is done by pressing the keys indicated on the screen during the attack. Now, I mentioned the game’s inclusion of some RPG features: these come in the form of choosing your starting character from a selection of different professions such as construction, law enforcement, military, con artist, and fire fighter. Each of these professions begin with boosted amounts of skill in particular areas such as first aid and searching skills for firemen and survival/weapons skills for the military profession. Your skills can be added to as you gain experience in the game; you can make your character quick and agile, or slow and strong, it really is up to you.


The Last Stand as a series is known for its efforts to make the survival experience as real as possible, which manifest in this instance in the form of choosing your own difficulty. Run and Gun mode means that you can simply embark upon the adventure with minimal fuss and concern for your resources or other considerations, but Survival mode requires that you are restricted by your need for food and rest, making your journey that much more difficult. You’ll find yourself rummaging through car boots, houses, and various places to find items and weapons, and you can even pay homage to Resident Evil by storing and retrieving items from storage chests throughout the game.


Some would see the game’s attempt at a more RPG approach as being a little too optimistic, but I think that the transition has been executed with great success. Everything from the stylishly post-apocalyptic graphics/design to the upgrade-based gameplay is a breeze to play, though Survivor mode certainly isn’t as much of a breeze to get through. Another example of some top-class survival action from a series that seems to just keep getting better with time.