SAS Zombie Assault 4 Game

SAS Zombie Assault 4 – Ideas, thoughts, and improvements pertaining to a possible sequel

Glock the Doors

Those that are reading this have almost certainly played and experienced the horrendously addictive SAS Zombie Assault 3, or have at least delved into one of the previous titles. As a zombie survival game, SAS Zombie Assault 3 requires you to simply stay alive, though this is easier said than done when standing in a house that is slowly becoming surrounded by zombies and your only initial weapon is a glock handgun. Many levels and upgrades later, you’re blasting the buggery out of any zombie that comes your way and barely letting them make a scratch in your window barriers. Though SAS Zombie Assault 4 may be a long way off, or even be a dream that remains of the pipe variety, some improvements can be made to the previous game and some ideas implemented to the sequel that would make it an altogether more impressive title; here are just a few of these ideas to be viewed or ignored at your leisure. Continue Reading

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Is it just me, or is the game crying out for the ability to create a character? After all, the way most games progress in terms of offering the player something different without really having to innovate too much is offering a way to customise to their heart’s content. The function of creating your own character would add a personal touch to the gameplay and allow you to feel more connected with your character instead of simply playing as a generic SAS soldier. Maybe there could be an expansion into other military fields such as soldiers, marksmen, mercenaries, assassins, and all manner of different characters with different levels of skill/different weapons available to them.

A Little More RPG

The game also looks a little parched for the feature of your character having a variety of attributes that can be upgraded such as strength, stamina, speed etc. This would make things considerably more interesting when the zombies make it into the house and you must go head to head with them. This would add another strategic aspect to the game in that your upgrades would benefit you i different ways when going head to head with zombies, with increased speed allowing you to run from them or increased accuracy/stamina allowing you to last longer when under direct attack. It’s an idea borrowed from many RPG games out there, but it is often one that can enhance a game by a huge amount if implemented correctly.

Level Creator, Gun Maker

Because of the top-down view of the game and the relatively simple design of the levels/buildings, it wouldn’t be a terrible idea to give the player the opportunity to create their own levels/maps, putting them in control of constructing the safe house of their dreams and testing out a potentially infinite number of different layouts and scenarios.

Why stop at level and customisation though? Perhaps we could be allowed to make our own guns up, choosing from its type (pistol, shotgun, automatic etc.), and then its power/ gun sounds/appearance. At very least we could have a set of weapons that could be combined in order to make a eve deadlier weapon. Different kinds of ammo in the shotguns, for example, could allow you to shoot regular wide-spread shots or incendiary rounds. Compound bows could also be introduced with different arrow heads such as explosive ones that John Rambo seemed awfully fond of. Yup, I loves me some slow motion explosive scenes.